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Little Athlete Camp

Looking to have fun and get stronger? How about faster? At Caution Fitness, we are offering The Little Athlete Camp. It is a 6 week Summer Camp in which we work on improving your athletic performance while have fun. 

We will do sports specifics, and training on positional abilities will be enhanced. Another upside, is teaching our athletes how to navigate there bodies. Education is not just for the weight room, or sports, but life in general. We offer talks and strategies to deal with sports bullying, depression, anxiety, self-motivation, confidence, etc.

Camp is held from:
- Time: 9:00am-1:00pm (Longer on Field Trip Days)
- Days: June18th - July 28th (Monday - Friday)
- Location: Caution Fitness Miami Lakes

The camp will only have 20 spots available for an exclusivity of attention to each individual. Our cost is $135 per week, 15% off will be given for a sibling discount (Call upon discount). If the 6 weeks commitment is paid in advance, you will be a 10% discount of the over all value. Sign ups can be done in person, via email or online using the link below.

For more information on Caution’s Little Athlete Camp,
please feel free to contact us. 

Call: 786-558-4163
Text: 786-778-1409

Camp Calendar 

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